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    Started by solacedagony at 03-14-08, 07:33 AM

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    Started by subster87 at 09-18-08, 04:18 PM

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  2. sinister audio

    Master of My Domain
    09-16-08 #2


    Since this is old it might not matter but both brands are very dependable, if you have the bucks upgrade toa denon or marantz.

  3. ez28

    09-19-08 #3


    thanks for the reply.i have pioneer elite vsx-81 txv.i know it has a firmware problem but it sounded and looked ok to me the way he had it wired .he used it for 2 mo. and i had it here at my house for over a year buying it form him for $300 i cant bet that

  4. sinister audio

    Master of My Domain
    09-19-08 #4


    thats a good deal. I have a pioneer elite DVD player i got for $75 best one I have ever used.

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