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    My 1st gen s10 v8 swap build log "project time killa"

    Started by MobileAudio219 at 08-25-10, 08:46 PM

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  2. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    09-18-10 #2

  3. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    09-18-10 #3


    powered by a 260 amp mechman alt
    and 1 battery

  4. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    09-18-10 #4


    doors are deadened and the panel is reinforced so no noise from them. my reasoning for this and not kicks is that i live in alaska and the speakers would probably get destroyed due to tracking snow mud etc in

  5. Maniek

    Junior Member
    07-19-12 #5

  6. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    07-21-12 #6


    now im running the mechman alternator but with an external excessive amperage regulator. dual agm batteries an old autotek mm2000.1 ppi phantom amps for the mids. lanzar mids focal tweets 2 eclipse 88120s in a smallish ported box due to not having much room in the trunk tuned to 28hz. still running the 880prs thinking about getting the 80prs but not til i get rid of this deck or it breaks

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