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    Quote Originally Posted by Minorjames92 View Post
    I recently replaced my ap3000.1 with an re audio zxt v2 amp.I bought it new from a local car audio shop and it was causing my subs to beat like the volume was almost at full volume evented with the rca jacks unplugged from the amp and the decks faceplate removed. I called the shop the next morning and told them.they said that the amp had no warranty even though it was brand new in the box and I paid 500 for it.Also I purchased 2 American bass HD12"s an enclosure 400 dollars of 0 Guage ofc stinger wire and shuriken bt120's batteries all in 4 months.the amp blew both my subs and they wouldn't refund the amp the very next day saying it was as is.but they told me it had a 1 year warranty and offered to sell me a second year warranty for another 109 dollars.They wouldn't even honor my sub warranty. I called Ab and the owner said he didn't honor the warranty because that shop didn't buy the subs from him or any authorized dealer.Re audio said that they hadn't made that amp in 3 yrs. I went back and told the owner and he didn't know the amp had not been in production for years. So I'm out about 2000.00 dollars. He told me to go f ck myself if I thought he was going to replace or honor the warranty. I reported him to the better business Bureau and I guess small claims court.wish I would of kept my 2014 version of the 3k audio pipe was loud clamped at 3400 watts rms because of my electrical and ab hd are very loud subs cracked my trunk.I was trying to buy to 2500 rms amps one for each dual 1 ohm sub.zhas anyone dealt with board surging? I've worked as an installer since 1996 and I've never ran into this but a friend at rockford fosgate says it's actually common...
    Ugh that sucks, so the amp this shop installed was supposed to be brand new. They installed it, and it's not working and they are just saying you're out of luck?
    What was the name/location of the shop?

    I don't get the part about the warranty? They said it had no warranty, but said you could buy some?
    So RE Audio didn't care that a shop was claiming to sell their amps as an authorized dealer, when they were not? Seems like they would want to get to the bottom of that, since it hurts their product image by some guy selling bad amps.

    I would love to hear the other side of this one.

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