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    Started by smoker at 03-08-09, 10:30 AM

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  2. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    03-08-09 #2


    I have a vio its alright... wish some of the parts held up better but overall not bad
    [IMG][/IMG][URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]


  3. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    03-08-09 #3


    Yeah, I wouldn't have any problem accepting that as a gift.

  4. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    03-09-09 #4


    Yea I am a little skeptical on the outer cover of it... but as far as performance goes its supposed to be the "bees knees."

    What i really like is that it has a full keyboard with the numeric pad on the right side, which im so used to utilizing on a day to day computing...

    Now to find a backpack that will fit this beast.
    COR UNUM VIA UNA - Jay Chmura

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