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    Started by NorthQuad at 05-15-09, 12:36 PM

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  2. Ryan from Ohio

    Master of My Domain
    05-18-09 #2


    I read about this on

    Someone said the driver had to be speeding. I looked the area up on the map. I dont know the area, but given the roads it runs next to I would imagine its a 55 mph zone.

    Its sad to see. But people need to watch their kids better!

    Truly a sad situation for all involved.
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  3. Tim

    Master of My Domain
    05-18-09 #3


    that is bad. I hate to see things like this happen, truly bad things happen to good people.

    Our prayers are with this family.


  4. MobileAudio219

    Master of My Domain
    05-18-09 #4


    That's a hard pill to swallow for all parties involved.

    My prays go out to the family of the girl and the ex son and law....

  5. cargodz

    Master of My Domain
    05-19-09 #5


    They're still talking about him possibly admitting himself to the hospital, for now he's on a mild anti-depressant... All the prayers are appreciated as obviously this affects his family, our family, and obviously the family of the little girl.
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