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    Hey Chris

    Started by Dustin from Huntsville at 10-14-04, 04:05 PM

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    Posting pictures

    Started by audiobass10 at 10-17-04, 04:10 PM

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  2. ridr4lif

    Master of My Domain
    10-15-04 #2


    i found a link in someones profile from another car audio site so i figured i'd check it out. Lots of good info.

  3. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    10-15-04 #3


    Great! Glad you found us.
    Hope you stay around and become a regular member of the forum.


  4. William from NOLA

    10-15-04 #4


    Gee I wonder who's profile :-P. Welcome to this forum!
    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

  5. ridr4lif

    Master of My Domain
    10-15-04 #5


    whoa...hey megahurts...or william from u still use the other website?...or are u here all the time now?

  6. William from NOLA

    10-16-04 #6


    I go to both. I check here much more frequently though. Much more action
    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

  7. GlassWolf

    10-16-04 #7


    well, on a side note, my eCoustics profile and I think one or two others have this site listed as well, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a person or two end up here as a result.
    GlassWolf (aka KikiTheCat)

  8. an-eagalach

    Junior Member
    10-18-04 #8


    Yep, Kiki, your human GW's profile and postings on ecoustics are precisely how I got here. Besides ecoustics, I also check out the forums at sounddomain, caraudioforum and elitecaraudio, but I think CAC is the most interesting and dynamic <-- good adjective for describing a high-end stereo site, right?

  9. j0sh_o6

    Junior Member
    10-24-04 #9


    um...did a search on google and came up with old site read around there for a week or so and then moved to this site...awesome site lots of help and people know what their talkin about

  10. ridr4lif

    Master of My Domain
    11-06-05 #10



    I was gonna make a thread like this, but ran across this one.

    New members, how did you find us?

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