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    Started by MobileAudio219 at 06-29-06, 04:21 PM

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    Started by Chris from Washington at 06-30-06, 06:38 PM

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  2. Chris from MI

    Senior Member
    06-29-06 #2


    Damn that is crazy. Glad to hear your alright.

  3. joeyc

    Master of My Domain
    06-29-06 #3


    That is awesome dude!!!! That your fine first and foremost, but that the truck went thru all of that and is still running!! FORDS RULE!!! I would mount that mother up on a pedestal as a trophy!
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  4. William from NOLA

    06-29-06 #4


    That sucks to the max. Glad you are okay.
    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

  5. High Society

    Master of My Domain
    06-30-06 #5


    Yes glad you are okay, submit that story to ford....I bet you might get a new truck outta it worth a shot eh?
    ♠ Matt ♠

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  6. Ryan from Ohio

    Master of My Domain
    06-30-06 #6


    scary and funny all in one post!
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  7. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    06-30-06 #7


    Wow, glad you made it out OK and not injured through an adventure as crazy as that.

  8. OnYrMrk

    06-30-06 #8


    Glad you made it through that ordeal unscathed, retrospect, since you sound like you loved that old thing, get it bronzed, and park it in the front yard...sure the neighbors will bitch, but you will forever see the truck that started with no oil. Pure unadulterated bliss I tell you.

    in all seriousness, glad you weren't hurt in that wreck.

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  9. smoker

    Master of My Domain
    06-30-06 #9


    rangers are awesome!! i used to own 2 of them at the same time, a red 87 and a green 93, i always told my daughter i was starting my own power rangers team........

  10. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    06-30-06 #10


    ^^^^ OMG ^^^^ Im sure she was thrilled to hear that... lol

    Amazing that you did that, even more amazing that it started right back up, even more amazing that the previous statement that it still is fine after all that... Give it to NASA they could use it on the next Moon landing mission, it prolly will never break on them, and they somehow always find a way to break everything.

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