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    Online Car Parts Store?

    Started by audiocr381ve at 12-05-09, 02:27 PM

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    door handles/lock mechanisms keep freezing!

    Started by MobileAudio219 at 02-10-10, 06:44 AM

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  2. MobileAudio219

    Master of My Domain
    12-05-09 #2


    Sounds like a blown fuse to me...

    I'm not sure on the speedometer and odometer, I'm not a honda person.

  3. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    12-05-09 #3


    Are they out completely or working sporadically?

    If there out completely and you saw sparks you blew a fuse. If there working intermittently you have a bad connection somewhere.
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  4. audiocr381ve

    Senior Member
    12-05-09 #4


    They are working sporadically. I will check fuses and holler back. I'm hoping it's a fuse!

  5. MobileAudio219

    Master of My Domain
    12-05-09 #5


    It's probably not a fuse then, unless it's about to fall out or something... Probably a loose connection somewhere..

  6. smoker

    Master of My Domain
    12-06-09 #6


    hmm....seen this before, go to the junkyard and get yourself a new instrument cluster. those honda instrument clusters are pretty crappy and if your not careful they destroy very easily. another installer at a shop i used to work for ruined one in a guys car one time because he caused a wire to arc when installing a head unit

  7. audiocr381ve

    Senior Member
    12-07-09 #7


    Smoker, what exactly happens when a wire arcs?

  8. smoker

    Master of My Domain
    12-08-09 #8


    depends i guess. its the term i use to refer to "making sparks" it can happen when something gets grounded or when you connect power wires that are "live" or god forbid you ground a power wire or hook a ground wire to power

  9. audiocr381ve

    Senior Member
    12-08-09 #9


    My sound system went out as well. Amp isn't turning on. Hmm, can someone give me another hypothesis?

    Again, I was just messing with the Cigarette Lighter trying to get it to work again. Saw some sparks and that's when the problems happened (speedometer, odometer, sound system).

    The head unit actually turns on too. Amp doesn't. Check power wire fuse and it looks good. Check ground and that's good. Checked remote wire and that's good.

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