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  1. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    07-06-10 #11


    I am taking the car in tomorrow morning to my dealership as they have agreed to look at it... Just for my sanity you know? Anyhow...

    Bill, i never knew that actually but it makes a lot of sense why they don't float as it would take longer for you to stop... Any how I'll let you know about the diagnosis after my check up tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help again guys.

    Oh and on a separate note... I went shooting yesterday... SO much fun... shot 3 9mm pistols including a Browning 9MM, SW99, M&P; a .22 Walther, and a .45ACP Para 1911... I was most accurate with the Para and the M&P...

    at 15yds... i was able to put 5 rounds in a sub 2- inch group... pretty awesome for a first time at a range.
    COR UNUM VIA UNA - Jay Chmura

  2. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    07-07-10 #12


    At the dealership right now... They have the car up on the lift... May I say that the new VW CC and the Toureg are nice looking....
    COR UNUM VIA UNA - Jay Chmura

  3. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    07-07-10 #13


    Well just had it checked out... they took everything off apart and what not... Even let me come in to look at the pads and rotors... Everything looks good... they told me that they do recommend that if i do change pads that i should also change the rotors to something new as well... They recommended some different aftermarket rotors and were very nice and helpful.

    Basically, the car is fine and they did concede that the brakes do have a harder compound than the other models, which will increase their likelihood to squeal...there was no pitting on any of the rotors and they made sure they bled my lines and did all my fluids. So all in all my car is in good working order.

    My rears are at 5mm vs the fronts which are at 10mm... stock is 12 out of the box... The Rears do wear faster due to the electronic braking systems favoring the rears to prevent nose dip... Still I think eventually I will replace the rotors and pads with something better.
    COR UNUM VIA UNA - Jay Chmura

  4. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-07-10 #14


    Quote Originally Posted by Bwcad1 View Post
    Id have to disagree, in my shop we do audio and mechanical but when a rotor is warped you can get a pulsation not really a shaking and that is typically only felt at lower speeds when braking slowly and thats not always noticeable as a shake or a steering vibration.

    Capn, The pads always sit on the rotor they don't "float" the Rotor floats on the studs between the wheel and wheel bearing (on most cars some have flat head screws holding them on.)
    Forgot about that style, I was picturing mine when i responded.

    On the honda the calipers are connected with longer spring loaded studs. So if I had a warped rotor the caliper would move back and forth with the bend in the rotor keeping me from noticing it till the bend got worse.

    Something else a lot of people don't realize. High speed driving, even without a lot of breaking can cause the rotors to warp. Since there is always friction between the pad and the rotor, there is always heat being built up.

    Add in a couple hours on the autobahn doing a 100+, and a break setup not designed for the heat "aka honda accords" and you will end up with messed up rotors.

  5. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-07-10 #15


    When you do decide to replace them look into power slot rotors and hawk ceramic or hps pads. I originally went with Brembo cross drilled rotors and hawk ceramics and it did ok, but the rotors warped again.

    Changed to Power slot rotors, and the hawk HPS, and I love it. Yeah I get a little more dust with the HPS, than I would with the ceramics, but breaking is amazing, and even with my high speed driving, and numerous mountain trips, I haven't had a single problem.

  6. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    07-07-10 #16


    Stay away from Cross drilled and slotted Mixed with ceramic pads. Tears shit up. Hawk is actually manufactured about 20yds from my shop there good pads. Also cross drilled and slotted actually degrades performance unless your brakes are constantly hot. They do decrease fading and limit heat build up but they also decrease the surface area of the pad to rotor contact. For everyday normal driving regular rotors are fine.
    [IMG][/IMG][URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]


  7. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    07-07-10 #17


    Wow, great service from your dealer there, CP.

  8. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    07-13-10 #18



    I tried a bunch of things and asked a friend of mine who knows his way around German Cars about my problem... He said that he believes the front Right is warped for sure...

    I am getting a quote on a resurface job on the front right and or package deal for the front with some wagner Thermo quiet pads installed...

    I will be calling the dealer again and submitting my evidence (I video taped my ride home and it is abundantly clear the noise is being created from rub and not brake dust or anything)

    I will not purchase new rotors yet... If and when I do, I will consider slotted non drilled if at all possible.
    COR UNUM VIA UNA - Jay Chmura

  9. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    07-13-10 #19


    y are you willing to pay for them? Take them to the dealer and make them fix it. This car is next to brand new i wouldn't spend a damn dime. If the dealer wont take care of it Call VW let them know whats going on.
    [IMG][/IMG][URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]


  10. CaptainPioneer

    Master of My Domain
    07-13-10 #20


    I'll do what I can, but I have a feeling that they won't fix it... I have terrible luck with dealers doing anything for me even with the warranty still on it... I'll definitely check... I have to render the video tonight... Bill if you want I can send it to you or get you a link or something so you can hear the wonderfullness that is my car when driving.
    COR UNUM VIA UNA - Jay Chmura

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