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    Defering to your knowledge of Brakes... Squeaking...

    Started by CaptainPioneer at 06-30-10, 12:24 PM

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  2. MobileAudio219

    Master of My Domain
    07-25-10 #2



    I'm currently looking for my next daily driver (1st gen s10, extended cab, 4.3, 2wd), and I plan to do a few small mods to it (vortec heads, custom grind cam, edelbrock intake, the ultimate tbi mods, 350 injectors, full exhaust, etc, etc.)

    While it would be wild, the stock tbi tune won't like it. So keep us updated!

    Now all I have to do is find a clean, rust free, lower mileage (or atleast under 125,xxx or so) 1st gen s10, s15, or sonoma. I'm going to be really strict, so I'll probably look for it out of state (Virginia, North Caroline, etc - where rust isn't much of a problem!)
    1995 Ford Explorer Sport, 4.0, Auto, 2dr, 2wd!
    JVC KD-S100, PPI 356c's ,Hifonics ZXI 6410, 10" AB DX
    Like project build threads? Have one of your own? Post it here!

  3. Purple RS

    Senior Member
    07-26-10 #3


    This should be able to work for your project. The CD comes with some 4.3L bins, as well as several others to start from.

    I'm mostly stock for now, just headers and 3" exhaust and open element air cleaner. I can already tell the car runs better just from using the VE learn function and saving to the bin (you know how the butt dyno works). Smoothed out the Spark Advance table using Tuner Pro, and saved that to the bin and directly flashed the saved values to the ECM. Still a bunch to learn, but so far is quite easy to use.

  4. Purple RS

    Senior Member
    10-11-10 #4


    I played with this a little more this weekend with a friend who knows more about tuning than I do. What I really need is a Wide Band O2 to input to the EBL, then I can tune WOT where I can't do that using the BLM values that need to be used now.

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