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  2. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    02-11-12 #2


    I would stick with the factory wattage, and just switch to a better color. GM's headlight wire harness can get pretty hot.

    I would shoot for a color range of 5000 to 6000K. That will make a big difference, especially over the factory 4200K.

    Something else you can do, is order a wiring adapter that lets you run the low and high beams at the same time. My dad did it to his 2002 1500 and it helped a ton. Especially with PIAA Hyper Whites installed.

    Unless.... You want to drop some serious cash. Then you can do a HID swap, and convert your factory housings to projector housings.

    I wouldn't run HIDs in a car with factory housings. They are a lot brighter, and that can really screw with oncoming cars. I would hate to blind someone, and cause them o get in a wreck.

  3. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    02-11-12 #3


    FYI... I'm running PIAA hyper whites in my low beams, high beams, and fog lights (I believe they are rated at 5000K), and they work great.

    The only thing I've had a problem seeing until I was up closer was an Elk. Their eyes don't reflect like a deer, and the crazy brown blends in with the background here in the desert.

  4. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    02-11-12 #4


    +1 on going to a projector HID retro.

    I'm currently shopping right now for projectors to put in my sealed beam style headlights, and these guys seem to be the place for projectors. They have tons of options and they seem pretty helpful too.

    If you're not wanting to do a projector retro, then the only other thing you might think about doing is HIR style bulbs.
    You can get those in 9006, and are will be brighter than halogen bulbs and will not require any special wiring etc.

    I would avoid any of those over wattage, blue colored lights you see on ebay. I've been there, done that. They don't last more than a few months and the light output is horrible. They are over wattage to try and compensate for the blue glass.

    also color temp does not mean brighter, it's only just the color you see. So 3000 is the more yellowish, 4-5k is more OEM HID, 6k you start going blue, and 8k you're into the purple ranges. I would stay away from anything higher than 6k.

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