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    Started by hondaddy at 06-23-06, 06:35 PM

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    the old fart

    Started by cargodz at 07-04-06, 09:03 AM

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  2. Robert Wollenberg

    06-26-06 #2


    very nice car.
    Robert R. Wollenberg
    Audio Alchemy, Owner
    Phone: (325) 480-2790

  3. swimmerdude

    Platinum Plus
    06-26-06 #3


    Nice car and hope we can add a nice system to it. Welcome to the board!!

  4. joeyc

    Master of My Domain
    06-26-06 #4


    very nice car, post pics of dash kit when its done
    Morel Elate 3-ways ran by a Genesis Series III Dual-mono, Morel Ultimo ran by an Autotek mm3000.1, Alpine DVA-9861

    JC's Customs
    For all your stereo wants.......

  5. stephensmia

    Senior Member
    06-26-06 #5


    Welcome to the board. That is a nice car and its good to see another person from south florida.

  6. churchbouy

    06-27-06 #6


    Welcome to the board, hope we can help you add a nice system to that beauty

  7. hondaddy

    Junior Member
    06-27-06 #7


    i looked for three months, and never could find a good acura, so i bought a civic. nice clean car you have. welcome to the board. i don't know anything about systems, but these guys do. welcome.

  8. OnYrMrk

    06-27-06 #8


    love that car, if the Mark VIII hadn't fallen into my lap, your model was on my short list. Welcome to the site, hope we can exchange information and get you into the system you deserve. Again welcome!!!
    IASCA Certified SQ Judge
    USACi Certified SQ Judge
    MECA Certified SQ Judge
    2010 USACi Spring Break Jam Modified SQ Champion
    Moderator for
    CVD Audio Sales and Acquisitions Team

  9. StealthCL

    Junior Member
    06-27-06 #9


    thanks just sticking to the in dash for now. hopefully once i get settled into college i can get some money and start bumpin.

  10. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    06-27-06 #10


    dave or audiobass10 is from cape coral. he has an infinity u should get in contact with him if you need help.
    [IMG][/IMG][URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]


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