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    you can also press the live Alt + F4

    Started by vzsItDz5o0re at 06-11-13, 06:02 PM

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    Possibly Stupid, Overasked Question

    Started by sterwee at 06-25-13, 09:14 AM

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  2. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    06-26-13 #2


    Hi Welcome to the forum,
    I think all you need is something like this.

  3. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    06-30-13 #3


    Chris has you going in the right direction, so i figured I would explain why.

    The light kit you have uses a 12 volt DC supply (standard car voltage)

    The output on the amp is variable voltage ac current. I've had amps put out over 50 volts AC at 40 HZ

    So basically you have two problems with your original idea. One the voltage types aren't compatible. DC is like a regular 1.5 volt AA battery. You have a set output, as long as its connected. AC is "alternating" current. So its always changing.

    Two the output on your subs varies with volume and music. So yes it would be a cool effect if it would work, but the output might be well below, or even excede the capabilities of the lights (if they could work in ac)

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