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  2. smofi

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    Default Re: LED lights to speakers. HELP!?

    Quote Originally Posted by smofi View Post

    I soon will install a new set of speakers to rear and front of the car ( throwing that stock stuff away ) and using a 2 amp setup. One thing that id like to include in the new system is LED lights blinking to the bass/beat.

    A diagram right here -----

    My question is ...could this setup be made without the 3.5mm jack and without damaging the speakers or any other components??

    Just some more info on my setup....
    Planing to use small solar panels to recharge the power sources for LEDs ( not too sure if the plan comes to life, but it would look awesome )

    Think i found the solution ...i can leave the 3.5mm jack out and connect the positive end to the speaker wire and ground the ground somewhere either wire or chasis. That should work but to be safe il test it out with an old speaker i have to see the effects of it.

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