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    Default Re: Need advice for my project

    Quote Originally Posted by kner View Post
    Hello everyone!
    I am planning to install german-maestro concept line speakers in my e36 m3 coupe. I have to put a squeeker with 4" speaker into my door, 5.25 speaker in the legs and 6" or 6x9 (with adapter) behind. I plan to put coaxials behind and composites in front, but i have more questions than answers regarding my project. I will put them below and i hope you could help me.

    1. Should i really put all composites in front and a coaxial behind? Other option is 4" coaxial with 5.25 composite and rear coaxial. Or rear composite in this case?
    2. Is it better to put 6" speaker behind or 6x9 with adapter?
    3. What kind of amplifier should i put? I was searching a lot, but cant really decide what is the best option for this set up.

    Thank you!
    Hey man, thanks for your post. I guess I don't understand what you are hoping for. Are you looking at just replacing the stock stereo speakers with new speakers? If so, then if you can find a nice 6 channel amplifier, hopefully one with a nice internal dsp. Look at the AudioControl 6channel. It is a beast and sounds amazing. Also, if it were me, I would go with just the front speakers, and the buy a nice sub and get a mono amp for it. This way you have a full system that can be tuned to perfection. Check them out!
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