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    Damn, speaker problems.

    Started by aggybong at 02-11-05, 11:07 AM

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    This sub any good?

    Started by dmeyer07 at 02-24-05, 04:55 PM

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  2. Justin from Detroit

    Senior Member
    02-17-05 #2


    Just get some decent components, you'll thank me later.

  3. Scarrell

    Master of My Domain
    02-17-05 #3


    definately do what Justin said.. components offer the best sound and imaging and will be way better than speakers.. (plus running your speakers off your amp is better than your hu, they will reach full potential in every aspect!).. look at the set of CDT's for $150 at The Zeb, .

    other component brands to look at are:

    MB Quart
    Arc Audio
    Diamond Audio
    Resonant Engineering
    Adire Audio Koda's
    Memphis(i think they have some)

    thats all i can think of off the top of my head... but for the money id definately look into them CDT's

  4. William from NOLA

    02-17-05 #4


    Adding to the list:
    Image Dynamics
    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

  5. armedforglory

    02-19-05 #5


    would you recommend the titanium or silk tweeters??
    whate are the pros and cons of each..I wouldn't want tweeters that hurt my ears, that really bugs me now..

  6. nist7

    Senior Member
    02-19-05 #6


    hmmm, not too sure what the diff is between titanium and silk tweeters.

    but as for 6.5 component set, I would highly recommend the CDT CL-61A. It is arguably one of the best comps for your buck at $150 on

    it's tweeter is a "silk soft dome" so I assume it wouldn't be too harsh

  7. Jonathan

    Master of My Domain
    02-19-05 #7


    CDTs titanium tweets aren't as bad as most out there, but they're a little brighter than softies. If you want a smoother sound you're usually better off with a silk.

  8. 71buickfreak

    Senior Member
    02-20-05 #8


    hard dome tweets are more accurate, soft domes are easier on the ears. Anyard dome can be tweaked to ease the harshness with proper imaging and an EQ. I would poicl up a set of Q-Logic Q-forms and run a 6.5 in your door, and a 5.25 or 4" and tweet in the kick. will sound AMAZING.

  9. aggybong

    02-20-05 #9


    Now that I blew one speaker, I am considering getting these, but I noticed the following on the page:

    These speakers are identical to the CL-61 except for the slightly off shade red basket color. CDT Audio is so particular that it rejected these for normal release and we were able to buy a truckload of them to bring to you at an amazing price.
    So they were rejected and are at half price because the color was off, or are there some other kind of problem with these?

    Also, what's the mounting depth? I've checked CDTs site, and I couldn't find it anywhere.
    Last edited by aggybong; 02-20-05 at 12:29 PM.

  10. jonnyb

    Senior Member
    02-20-05 #10


    the mounting depth is like 3inches. maybe more? i forget. its alot though.

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