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  1. 12-volt Battery Isolators

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-21-10 11:58 PM
    advanced car audio, alternator, answer, audio, auxiliary, battery, car, car audio faq, car audio installation, car stereo faq, center, charge, diagram, free, isolators, papers, rated, rates, running, volt, volts, wiring
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  2. A quick start guide to amplifier settings

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-21-10 11:48 PM
    add, amplifiers, bit, car audio faq, car stereo faq, chan, channel, channels, clipping, decent, distortion, factor, full-range, highest, hz, impedance, input, listed, midbass, minimum, multi, passed, select, sensitivity, settings, stable, subwoofer, suggest, voltage, volume
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  3. The History of Car Audio

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-20-10 06:21 AM
    12v audio, 6x9, a/d/s, air, alpine, appreciated, attached, beta, breaking, built, car audio faq, car audio history, car stereo faq, cars, categories, company, created, cubic, digital, directly, director, driving, earth, electronics, entered, entertainment, finished, global, hear, honda, ideas, interior, introduced, louder, mains, mainstream, marketing, materials, mount, nakamichi, orion, panel, panels, period, personal, pioneer, ppi, president, pricey, provide, record, remember, rise, rockford fosgate, running, software, song, sound quality, sounds, stage, stalling, talk, theme, thunder, times, told, toyota, tracks, vega, wave, win, wires, works, yellow
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  4. Sound Weighting

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 11:05 PM
    amplified, buzz, cable, car audio faq, car stereo faq, center, chan, channel, circuit, defined, detector, digi, digital, electronic, family, filters, flat, full, higher, human, louder, moderate, noise, panel, passed, phone, range, rms, section, sensitivity, service, switch, typical, works
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    Last Post: 05-19-10 11:04 PM
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  5. How to calculate flared port length

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:55 PM
    actual, advance car audio, air, assume, bi, bit, calculating, car audio faq, car stereo faq, center, complicated, cubic, easily, fill, foot, ha, length, ma, math, mentioned, model, notice, number, pi, picking, reading, speed, volume
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    Last Post: 05-19-10 10:55 PM
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  6. Hoffman's Iron Law

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:32 PM
    accept, advanced car audio, air, breaking, browsing, car audio faq, car stereo faq, case, coil, cube, cubic, directly, dodge, drop, earlier, efficiency, engineering, factor, feet, game, huge, hz, increase, iron, lower, mentioned, minimum, monster, note, provide, reference, relation, resonant, rms, sd, speaker, statement, surprise, switched, voice, volume
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    Last Post: 05-19-10 10:32 PM
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  7. The Big 3 electircal upgrade explained

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:18 PM
    12v, advanced car audio, bit, cable, car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, causing, chassis, circuit, clean, connect, consistent, current, dead, designed, drop, easily, electronics, exhaust, finished, fuse, gauge, gold, grounding, important, location, lower, mod, notice, phoenix, running, short, terminal, typically, voltage, volume, wires, won
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    Last Post: 05-19-10 10:18 PM
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  8. Why you don't need a capacitor

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:17 PM
    ability, add, advanced car audio, agreement, amp or power, assume, begin, built, capability, car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, case, charge, circuit, company, completely, concern, continue, current, dead, designed, device, directly, distorted, dropped, due, dynamic, earlier, electronics, equivalent, esr, faster, folks, foot, fuses, gauge, generation, hz, increases, largest, lights, lost, louder, lower, marketing, module, notice, posts, provide, record, remember, removed, reserve, rise, running, serious, short, song, sounds, speaker, starter, stops, thread, times, told, truth, typically, watts, woofer, yellow
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  9. Amplifiers - Power & Volume

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:13 PM
    actual, advance car audio, advertised, capability, car audio faq, car stereo faq, clipping, combination, complicated, current, defined, distorted, driving, dust, equivalent, guides, hz, impedance, increase, lower, marketing, mentioned, mix, noise, note, past, professional, protection, quieter, recommended, rms, short, sounds, suggestions, table, times, total, typical, watts, ways, wider
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    Last Post: 05-19-10 10:06 PM
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  10. Sound Stage Tuning

    Started by JeremyC, 06-03-09 03:49 PM
    advanced car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, hertz, hook, important, matching, mids, noise, notice, overpowering, pi, pink, playing, plays, polarity, puts, rear, run, sounds, stage, swap, track, true, tune, turn, tweets, volume, ways
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  11. Myth: All amps sound the same

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 04-18-08 04:37 PM
    ability, absolute, actual, advance, advanced car audio, advertised, amplifier, built, car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, cars, challenge, chan, cheaper, circuit, class, completely, continue, control, day, designed, digital, directly, double, driving, due, earlier, easily, electronic, electronics, equalizer, eventually, feel, filters, folks, functions, fuses, gold, happy, heard, increases, input, led, loading, louder, ma, marketing, mat, mentioned, overload, period, personal, phoenix, physical, processors, proof, provide, quality, recently, remember, repair, reserve, row, run, save, sold, sonic, sound quality, sounding, sounds, speaker wires, step, stick, systems, test, times, tire, tired, told, type, warranty, watts, wires, words
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    Last Post: 05-04-08 12:03 PM
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  12. Speaker Deflection Pads

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 10-12-07 10:40 PM
    advanced car audio, audio, bar, bi, bit, car audio faq, car stereo faq, cu, diameter, direct, excellent, expect, feedback, figured, function, half, head, hear, helping, louder, made, makes, music, pads, php, pricing, process, quality, results, rubber, run, running, situation, speaker, wave
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    Last Post: 10-12-07 10:40 PM
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  13. Basic Car Audio- Look before buying

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 09-25-07 10:17 AM
    ability, basic car audio, blown, built, car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, cars, current, easily, entry-level, fuses, gauge, happy, installer, jump, light, lower, midbass, morning, noise, open, options, ordinance, plate, plenty, policy, preouts, pulling, quality, remember, residential, rms, role, running, save, sound quality, speaker, stage, step, stock, subwoofer, thinking, times, tire, trunk, warranty, watts, weather, wider, wires
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    Last Post: 09-25-07 10:17 AM
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  14. Reputation Points

    Started by GlassWolf, 04-05-05 08:14 PM
    ability, active, car audio faq, car stereo faq, check, click, clicking, control, date, feel, free, fused, good or bad, green, hey, hope, idea, increases, information, left, members, membership, missed, moderator, mouse, move, newbies, nex, number, pa, panel, people, points, poster, posting, question, rep, reputation, single, smart, term, total, typical, users, vote, works
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    Last Post: 04-01-05 06:54 PM
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  15. Places to Buy, Car Audio and Related

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 04-01-05 06:38 PM
    add, alternators, audio, auto, bold, business, cable, cap, car, car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, damping, direct, email, faq, general, ha, hey, info, installer, ks, le, led, link, list, loc, places, professional, quiet, raammat, rebuilding, seller, shop, sites, sound, speaker, stores, supply, support, systems, tools, update, woofersetc
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    Last Post: 04-01-05 06:38 PM
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  16. Car Audio Central's Mission Statement

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 01-03-05 12:06 PM
    audio, car, car audio, car audio faq, car stereo faq, central, enthusiast, fast, information, operating, provide, statement, systems
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    Last Post: 01-03-05 12:06 PM
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  17. Sticky Thread Sticky: About the FAQ's, Guides and Information Forum

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 11-26-04 06:03 PM
    allowed, bring, car audio faq, car stereo faq, content, current, drop, due, faq, feel, giving, guides, ha, information, issues, ks, menu, moderators, open, people, post, rating, ten, thread, threads, top, write
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    Last Post: 11-26-04 06:03 PM
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  18. winISD-How to use it?

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 10-06-04 08:15 AM
    22, 3rd, 7, added, adding, ahead, air, buttons, called, capability, car audio faq, car stereo faq, case, check, choose, circuit, coils, concern, cone, continue, defined, delay, dimensions, direction, displacement, diy, drivers, due, email, enclosure, entered, equivalent, excursion, fail, feel, feet, fit, found, frequencies, frequency, fun, guy, hard, hats, hey, hit, hz, impedance, information, input, install, larger, length, louder, lower, main, measure, measured, minimum, nex, note, ohms, open, pay, people, play, ported, product, rms, run, save, screen, sealed, select, site, software, soley, sound, specs, spider, spl, start, step, subwoofers, tesla, top, tuning, type, units, watts, website, xmax
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