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  1. New system design and brand help

    Started by jstaguy24, 08-16-11 12:30 PM
    100, 300, 4 channel, 5 channel amp, air, amp, awhile, bang, blog, buck, cab, cameras, chan, channel, christian louboutin, cu, depth, driving, em, finished, fixing, ideas, jbl, kickpanels, ma, memphis, midrange, pa, panels, possibly, projects, putting, rack, rear, room, sets, similar, sold, sound, sound quality, spend, subwoofer, super, system, thinking, truck, watts, woofer
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  2. Suggestion ???

    Started by dk_nguyen, 12-19-06 12:55 PM
    3, 3-way, add, alternator, bass, cap, components, cu, drop, expensive, fill, focus, front, improve, kickpanels, le, location, oo, ou, phasing, plan, plenty, power, rear, run, running, sa, sets, setup, sounds, soundstage, spend, stage, tops, upgrade, won, yellow
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  3. cdt's rock!!

    Started by joeyc, 10-29-06 01:59 PM
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    alot, amazing, amp, amprack, amps, awesome, bad, begin, blood, blown, brand, cd, directly, end, etched, ha, headliner, honda, installed, joe, joey, kickpanels, lol, love, odd, oo, pic, pictures, plexi, post, ppi, rack, save, shop, solution, sounds, speaker, thinking, tru, trunk, turn, watts, won, yea
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  4. Fiberglass+Tweeters

    Started by solacedagony, 08-10-06 07:04 AM
    3, blocking, car, clue, dash, experiment, fire, firing, guys, ha, happy, higher, inside, kickpanels, ks, lot, low, midrange, option, ou, plan, plastic, putting, room, setup, solacedagony, thinking, truck, works
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  5. :( I screwed up!

    Started by Robert Wollenberg, 07-15-06 05:37 AM
    50hz, 64, 7, account, car, careful, close, cool, dash, deck, feeling, fiberglassing, heard, hz, ideas, kickpanels, lol, looked, low, mat, matter, mids, number, past, pic, plan, save, situation, sound, step, taking, thinking, throwing, unconventional, yea
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    Speaker Help

  6. aiming mids and tweeters

    Started by Darthness, 06-12-06 06:13 AM
    aim, aiming, angle, art, ball, camera, car, component, cu, day, doors, ears, educational, end, feel, feeling, gauge, ha, head, ideas, imaging, installed, judge, kickpanels, mark, ou, pa, panels, plan, plywood, positioning, run, running, sound, sounds, speakers, stand, sunday, supposed, table, temporarily, thinking, thread, typically, week
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    Last Post: 06-14-06 11:47 AM
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  7. give me a few pointers

    Started by Darthness, 06-08-06 06:27 PM
    3, add, aiming, air, bit, bot, car, carpet, case, ces, dip, dome, doors, faq, fiberglassing, finish, hats, hour, inches, kickpanels, light, lol, love, mix, panel, past, pic, pictures, plan, pointers, posting, resin, schedule, site, sort, sounds, speakers, steps, tape, thinking, tom, trim, truck, week, won
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    Off Topic

  8. fiberglassing???

    Started by k0rnyfr33k, 04-09-06 03:34 AM
    6x9, add, amp, area, art, baby, car, careful, deck, due, easy, enclosures, faq, faster, feel, fiberglassing, floor, ha, hit, huge, ideas, info, installed, interior, iron, jeremy, key, kickpanels, move, personal, pretty, projects, reason, stuff, subwoofer, support, thinking, tips, tricks, tricky, trim, tru, trunk, tutorials, waffle, wait, wanna, words
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  9. New system what do I buy

    Started by Mithrandir, 04-14-05 06:13 PM
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    000, 12 or, 1200, 140, 16, 160, 40, 600, acoustics, add, afraid, amplifiers, amps, art, audio, audiobass, basically, bass, bit, blind, box, built, car, chan, coils, concern, control, current, damage, damn, day, distorted, doors, driver, drivers, dual, enclosure, faq, faster, feature, feel, finally, frequencies, frequency, ft, glassing, happy, hard, head unit, hey, hit, hitting, idea, jbl, kicker, kickpanels, koda, learn, list, lol, loud, love, low, lower, midbass, move, nice, ohm, ohms, pay, people, personally, play, plenty, ported, possibility, powerful, pretty, price, produce, provide, rating, rear, remember, ridr4lif, rms, room, run, running, sealed, series, single, sound, sounding, spl, start, stock, subwoofers, test, wanna, watts, woofer, xxx
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  10. New interior speakers

    Started by ridr4lif, 02-01-05 10:14 PM
    10, 100, 4x6, 6x9, cheaper, component, cool, cu, dash, days, easily, experience, feel, guys, hang, hard, hey, ick, interior, jimmy, kickpanels, learn, location, love, midbass, online, pa, panels, plan, planning, plate, possibly, process, putting, ridr4lif, sets, speaker, spent, stick, stock, stuff, upgrading, x6
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