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  1. KMS event

    Started by TRUESPL, 04-08-14 03:57 PM
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    Last Post: 05-01-14 01:52 PM
    by Chris from Washington  Go to last post

    Started by plcrides, 01-03-14 11:04 PM
    10, 100, 1000, 3, 3rd, amp, awesome, bah, built, buttons, car amplifier, closet, designed, due, gain, hifonics, huge, input, ks, lot, lpf, ma, manual, missed, notice, ons, options, panel, parametric, pillars, remember, sealed, settings, sonic, sound quality, sounds, speaker, sq, stand, subs, talk, terms, thinking, times, tons, turn, typically, understand, watt, weird
    • Replies: 7
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    Last Post: 01-10-14 04:14 PM
    by Chris from Washington  Go to last post
  3. Old poster back with new question :)

    Started by kevinberry1, 06-19-13 05:10 PM
    01, 450, 7, 90, actual, ago, arc, blah, cheaper, compared, data, decent, designed, em, fuse, gains, guys, input, kar, le, matrix, mentioned, offering, operating, ou, oz, pick, poster, puts, quiet, remember, rms, running, sealed, single, sound quality, sq, stand, suggest, support, system, told, watts, woofer, years, yo
    • Replies: 8
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    Last Post: 07-05-13 08:05 AM
    by GlassWolf  Go to last post
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 05-02-13 09:59 PM
    by JoshKeller  Go to last post

    Speaker Help

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    Last Post: 06-25-12 01:22 PM
    by anomaly65  Go to last post
  4. New guy with old questions

    Started by cptdean, 05-24-12 06:11 PM
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    01, 100, 13, 16, 3, 4 channel, 40, 6.5s, 6x9, 7, 91, 911, ability, active, add, amplified, answer, assume, awesome, bit, built, built-in, cars, chan, channel, channels, clean, comments, completely, concept, concern, cone, creative, decent, decisions, din, directly, diy, dome, drew, easily, educational, em, eventually, excellent, expert, forums, full, full-range, giving, glad, glasswolf;, ha, hear, helping, installer, jeremyc;, ks, led, listed, missed, moving, noisy, options, original, paper, php, pi, picking, points, pretty, profile, quieter, range, reading, rear, received, removed, rms, running, serious, service, sets, sound quality, sounding, sounds, speaker, stable, stage, stand, support, suv, swap, talk, thinking, thread, true, tweets, updates, watts, ways, winner
    • Replies: 25
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    Last Post: 06-25-12 08:43 AM
    by cptdean  Go to last post
  5. Car Audio (noob) help please!

    Started by ipaki, 01-12-12 07:49 PM
    120, 1200, 19, 3, 90, add, amazing, audio, bandpass, beat, bi, bit, camry, car, car audio, color, companies, compete, customization, cutting, da, damping, data, designed, directly, distribution, doubt, driving, em, end, features, front, hats, hear, history, increase, le, lot, makers, midbass, monoblock, music, noise, noob, outs, power, pretty, rebuilding, section, setup, single, sound quality, sounds, speakers, subwoofer, system, unit, volume, wanna, watts
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 02-13-12 09:31 AM
    by GlassWolf  Go to last post
  6. Sub box tuning

    Started by Robert Wollenberg, 12-04-11 10:37 PM
    answer, appreciated, bit, boost, box, car, car audio, characteristics, cheaper, da, date, decent, designed, experience, failed, gain, ha, huge, hz, ideas, input, isd, kids, length, load, lot, mat, matter, model, parameters, por, port, profi, program, reason, relation, resonance, sa, shitty, smart, sort, sound quality, speaker, spend, spl, sub box, sucks, temp, tire, tune, tuned, volume, wasting, won, wood, yo, young
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 3,919
    Last Post: 12-06-11 05:12 PM
    by colemanyoungerinalaska  Go to last post

    Speaker Help

  7. Specs for APX1000.2 in Sum Mono Mode / Replacement Amp Suggestions

    Started by kbakken, 09-20-11 03:46 PM
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    3, 300, 4 channel, ac, add, alpine, amps, aux, bass, bit, cab, canada, cap, car audio, cars, chan, channel, circuit, clarion, clean, controller, cu, customer, digital, easily, electronics, experience, full, funny, fuse, fuses, gain, ha, half, head, headroom, higher, ideas, input, interior, jbl, location, ma, noise, notice, options, original, pcb, personal, phasing, power, processor, rear, reason, recorded, repair, rms, running, service, settings, sound quality, sounding, sounds, speaker, stage, subs, suggestions, thinking, times, told, trunk, turn, turning, tweets, volume, watts, ways
    • Replies: 19
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    Last Post: 09-30-11 07:53 AM
    by kbakken  Go to last post
  8. New system design and brand help

    Started by jstaguy24, 08-16-11 12:30 PM
    100, 300, 4 channel, 5 channel amp, air, amp, awhile, bang, blog, buck, cab, cameras, chan, channel, christian louboutin, cu, depth, driving, em, finished, fixing, ideas, jbl, kickpanels, ma, memphis, midrange, mount, pa, panels, possibly, projects, putting, rack, rear, room, sets, similar, sold, sound, sound quality, spend, subwoofer, super, system, thinking, truck, watts, woofer
    • Replies: 3
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    Last Post: 08-23-11 05:53 AM
    by jstaguy24  Go to last post
  9. infinity 5350a

    Started by nathan, 07-31-10 08:52 PM
    4 Pages
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    3rd, 5 channel amp, add, advance, amp, amps, articles, audio competition, built, cab, car audio, cars, chan, channel, channels, click, coaxial, components, concern, due, easily, el, em, fuses, google, hats, honda, hooking, hurt, increase, line, listed, louder, lower, main, moved, notice, number, pillars, plate, posts, range, rated, recorded, response, results, rms, running, sound quality, sounding, sounds, speakers, stage, sub box, subs, swap, system, talk, thread, times, truck, trunk, van, watts, wave, win, woofer
    • Replies: 38
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    Last Post: 08-09-10 12:42 PM
    by JeremyC  Go to last post
  10. The History of Car Audio

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-20-10 06:21 AM
    12v audio, 6x9, a/d/s, air, alpine, appreciated, attached, beta, breaking, built, car audio faq, car audio history, car stereo faq, cars, categories, company, created, cubic, digital, directly, director, driving, earth, electronics, entered, entertainment, finished, global, hear, honda, ideas, interior, introduced, louder, mains, mainstream, marketing, materials, mount, nakamichi, orion, panel, panels, period, personal, pioneer, ppi, president, pricey, provide, record, remember, rise, rockford fosgate, running, software, song, sound quality, sounds, stage, stalling, talk, theme, thunder, times, told, toyota, tracks, vega, wave, win, wires, works, yellow
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 05-20-10 06:21 AM
    by GlassWolf  Go to last post
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 10,956
    Last Post: 05-19-10 11:00 PM
    by GlassWolf  Go to last post
  11. Port placement directly behind the sub

    Started by colemanyoungerinalaska, 07-25-09 02:52 AM
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    16, 160, 600, 6x9, alot, ap, application, assembly, blazer, built, bwcad1;, cancellation, colemanyoungerinalaska;, concern, cone, crx, dbdrag, diameter, directly, driving, easily, external, fuse, glasswolf;, guys, ha, half, jbl, load, location, ma, magnet, pic, por, ported, rear, results, rms, run, running, short, sound quality, sounds, subwoofer, thinking, times, tire, true, trunk, wanna, watts, works
    • Replies: 21
    • Views: 11,061
    Last Post: 05-02-10 12:58 PM
    by GlassWolf  Go to last post

    Speaker Help

  12. done

    Started by smoker, 04-13-10 01:33 PM
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    ac, ago, attacks, audio, blah, breaking, built, bwcad1;, cab, cac, camaro, car, car audio, cars, click, closet, da, due, dust, em, eventually, family, free, funny, ghost, glasswolf;, joe, joeyc;, kinda, le, led, longer, lost, lot, mike, ny, onyrmrk, oo, ou, passed, personal, plans, post, posts, push, range, rare, recently, record, remember, reverse, roof, running, single, society;, sold, sort, sound quality, sounding, stage, stand, strange, subwoofer, sucks, suggest, support, system, talk, talking, tape, terry, thread, times, turn
    • Replies: 41
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    Last Post: 04-19-10 05:56 PM
    by Tim  Go to last post

    Off Topic

  13. here to learn

    Started by MalibuMaxx, 04-05-10 08:49 PM
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    13, 3, 34, 454, 59, 7, 91, advance, bwcad1;, car, decent, drove, finished, glad, guys, ha, hope, installs, introduced, joeyc;, lines, ma, range, rock, screws, setup, show, sound, sound quality, speakers, stop, straps, tape, will castro
    • Replies: 11
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    Last Post: 04-12-10 12:50 PM
    by Bwcad1  Go to last post
  14. I'm new

    Started by DDaudio, 03-30-10 07:38 AM
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    13, 3, 34, 4x4, cac, caused, changed, cherokee, digital, effect, excellent, ha, hang, inside, location, mine, model, music, noise, oklahoma, oo, owner, pi, pink, playing, positioning, post, sought, sound quality, sounding, source, speakers, stage, wanna, wider
    • Replies: 16
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    Last Post: 04-03-10 12:05 AM
    by DDaudio  Go to last post
  15. Planning the next system

    Started by Robert Wollenberg, 03-11-10 07:52 PM
    4 Pages
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    $200, 13, 165, 3-way, active, add, aperiodic, attached, backwards, bit, built, burr, bwcad1;, car, car audio, chan, channel, concern, customer, damping, data, digital, din, driving, fast, fell, finished, firewall, fuses, gains, ha, hit, huge, jbl, license, lineup, memphis, mp3, nakamichi, offering, onyrmrk, option, options, pa, panels, phasing, pillars, plan, plenty, positioning, pretty, pricey, processor, rear, record, roof, running, sealed, secure, setup, shop, show, single, sold, sort, sound quality, sounds, soundstream, spare, speaker, stage, stand, sub box, suggest, sweet, thinking, thread, times, tire, trim, tru, trunk, warranty
    • Replies: 38
    • Views: 9,944
    Last Post: 03-18-10 12:41 PM
    by Robert Wollenberg  Go to last post
  16. Help deciding on amp for subs

    Started by callandor2k, 02-14-10 07:33 PM
    15 Pages
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    • Replies: 144
    • Views: 28,805
    Last Post: 03-04-10 06:15 AM
    by Bwcad1  Go to last post
  17. Don't let me mess this up!

    Started by audiocr381ve, 02-16-10 04:35 PM
    100, 13, 3, 36, 3rd, 40, 62, 64, advise, box, bwcad1;, chan, cu, double, em, experience, ezboard, full, gold, ha, helped, imaging, journey, ma, met, phoenix, places, reading, sound quality, speaker, stalling, switch, talking, tape, tools
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 3,466
    Last Post: 02-17-10 07:59 AM
    by falkenbd  Go to last post
  18. needs some good, cheap subs (8's or a 10")

    Started by MobileAudio219, 09-10-09 09:46 AM
    4 Pages
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    $25, 22, 250, 29, 3, 52, 6x9, 90, actual, amp, bit, box, bwcad1;, cab, car, ces, damn, emails, funny, game, gmail, ha, hats, hell, light, linked, mentioned, mobileaudio219;, ons, onyrmrk, ou, personal, plenty, rear, registration, remember, run, seat, sign, sound quality, sounds, speaker, stage, subwoofer, suggest, sweet, thread, times, tons, truck, watts, wires, yahoo
    • Replies: 31
    • Views: 9,260
    Last Post: 02-15-10 02:46 PM
    by colemanyoungerinalaska  Go to last post

    Speaker Help

  19. SQ Head Unit on a budget

    Started by audiocr381ve, 10-28-09 04:50 PM
    2 Pages
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    $200, 13, 16, 3, 31, 499, advance, alpine, bi, bit, built, burr, captainpioneer;, cd, chan, channel, dac, digi, digital, din, directly, files, general, guys, ha, head, higher, input, joe, ks, le, lower, ma, mat, mp3, onyrmrk, original, outs, playing, rear, recorded, ripped, run, single, sound, sound quality, sq, suggestions, unit
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 7,590
    Last Post: 02-14-10 12:34 PM
    by cmwilson  Go to last post

    Head Units

  20. JVC - Bongiovi Acoustics

    Started by Ryan from Ohio, 07-18-09 06:42 PM
    6 Pages
    1 2 3 ... 6
    $200, 10, 13, 2009, 3, 56, 650, 7, ability, acoustic, acoustics, adapter, aftermarket, app, beauty, bit, browsing, built, bwcad1;, canada, car, car dealerships, cars, concept, din, dsp, due, em, exclusive, features, finished, free, funny, gold, harness, hats, hid, input, installation, led, leds, marketing, mega, mobile, mobileaudio219;, module, numbers, pa, photos, pick, radio, remember, ring, run, search, similar, software, sold, sound quality, sounds, speaker, subwoofer, thinking, trim, truck, usb, user, wires, years
    • Replies: 50
    • Views: 15,689
    Last Post: 01-17-10 11:37 PM
    by MobileAudio219  Go to last post

    Head Units

    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 3,426
    Last Post: 01-05-10 05:45 PM
    by Ryan from Ohio  Go to last post
  21. 10" American Bass DX.

    Started by MobileAudio219, 10-08-09 12:08 PM
    300, 600, 7, air, amazing, bi, bit, box, cab, company, cu, decent, features, fine, free, funny, ha, hifonics, huge, important, information, inside, listed, makes, manual, ou, outs, plays, rms, single, song, sound quality, sounds, theme, tomorrow, vr, watts, website, woofer
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 8,403
    Last Post: 12-27-09 03:12 PM
    by MobileAudio219  Go to last post
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