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  1. The Basics of Alternator Ratings

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:15 PM
    118, 1200, 13, 300, 36, 600, 650, 7, 90, ac, actual, air, cars, center, charge, composite, features, guage, ha, hear, heat, here’s, higher, huge, increase, lower, materials, note, operating, perfect, puts, rating, rear, specifications, speeds, terminal, voltage
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  2. The Anatomy of an Amplifier

    Started by GlassWolf, 05-19-10 10:01 PM
    100, 7, ability, ac, accept, bit, called, capacitance, choose, clean, compression, created, current, dead, designed, digital, distorted, driving, easily, esr, events, faster, features, hear, hope, increases, information, introduced, materials, noise, notice, operating, past, powerful, protection, provide, pulling, pulse, removed, rms, section, short, single, speaker, specifications, speeds, stand, steering, table, terms, times, typically, wasting, watts, width, works, yellow
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  3. If you had $25K to play with

    Started by OnYrMrk, 03-28-06 01:07 PM
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    10, 11i, 13, 2nd, 3, 300, 600, 7, ability, add, aftermarket, awesome, bass, blah, block, bmw, brand, built, car, cars, check, competition, component, corvette, damn, data, dealer, designed, dodge, drove, f150, fast, faster, feel, fj, ha, hands, hell, hyundai, infiniti, joe, kit, list, listed, looked, love, mark, mentioned, mine, mod, oo, options, owner, pay, photos, pick, plenty, pretty, price, prices, rear, run, sadly, sell, series, silver, sister, sound, sounding, sounds, speeds, spl, stereo, stock, supercharged, taking, test, tested, thinking, times, toyota, trans, type, visit, vote
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  4. You might be a ricer if....

    Started by Jonathan, 03-13-06 10:53 PM
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  5. Clicking noise while driving

    Started by Mithrandir, 10-31-05 06:17 AM
    40, bad, bi, bit, car, click, clicking, cv, drivers, driving, dust, end, front, gm, ha, join, ks, left, made, noise, ny, ou, pay, rear, sound, speeds, tire, touching, train, trans, truck, turning, type, yo
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  6. Speaker sensitivity and efficiency

    Started by GlassWolf, 08-14-05 02:01 PM
    100, 7, 90, ability, amplifier, bass, begin, center, choosing, clean, coil, cone, critical, da, data, dos, double, efficiency, failure, frequency, fused, general, increase, input, ma, material, noise, noisy, playing, produce, quality, rating, relation, rms, role, sensitivity, sound, sound quality, speaker, speeds, subwoofers, times, type, voice, volume, watts
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  7. Need Music?

    Started by dmeyer07, 03-15-05 07:09 PM
    10, 40, ago, audio, bad, bucks, bullshit, bypass, cents, computer, curious, damn, days, device, download, files, free, full, guess, ha, hus, ipod, life, link, load, lol, lot, media, membership, oo, original, pay, program, provide, reason, recently, search, simple, site, song, sound, speeds, spyware, technology, yo
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  8. Audio Power Amplifier Fundamentals

    Started by GlassWolf, 12-31-04 01:07 PM
    000, 22, 300, 500, 7, absolutely, added, advanced, advertised, ahead, air, allowed, amplifier, amplifiers, amplify, amps, approaching, attached, attention, audio, band, bank, basically, bass, bit, brings, built, capacitance, capacitive, car, car audio, car stereo, case, cassette, category, chan, channel, circuit, clean, combination, coming, complicated, compression, concept, connected, considerably, continued, controls, cost, created, crossover, days, decks, delay, designed, digital, direction, directly, double, drive, drivers, driving, due, easily, enabled, equipment, equivalent, esr, eventually, expect, fail, faster, features, found, frequencies, frequency, functions, fundamentals, gains, general, hard, head unit, heavy, hey, home audio, improve, include, including, increase, increases, increasing, information, input, inputs, installation, intended, joe, larger, leave, level, looked, lost, lower, main, maintained, market, materials, measured, minimum, modules, monster, multiple, nex, noise, notice, offer, ohms, operating, original, overload, pa, panel, pay, people, pocket, powered, processor, produce, products, pulse, quality, radios, raising, real, recall, recently, repair, result, run, running, runs, set, short, signal, simple, singing, single, sound, sound quality, sounds, speaker wires, specifications, specs, speeds, stage, step, stereo, store, subwoofer, systems, tape, technology, terms, times, treat, true, tweeters, typically, units, warning, watts, width, wired, wires, woofer
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