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The Ghetto Ride - Chevrolet Camaro (1984)

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Just installed the UMI Strut Tower Brace

Installation was OK once I realized that it came assembled backwards. I couldn't get the hood to shut. I had to remove the bar and turn it around. It was then centered with the engine, and the hood will shut now.

It's still a tight fit, I wish it sat just a tad bit lower. I think it's pushing right on the hood insulation, but it's shut. So I'll see if there is any wear or anything on either the brace or the insulation.

EDIT:  Well it's been installed for a few months now,  noticed just a small amount of rubbing on the bar from the insulation. But I think it's been OK. Just wish it sat just a tad bit lower.  This bar is meant to be used with a TPI, so not quite sure why they didn't design it to sit maybe ¼ inch lower.  Then it wouldn't rub at all, and would look a little better too.   

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