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The Ghetto Ride - Chevrolet Camaro (1984)

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When it comes to my car, I've explored various audio systems over the years. Recently, after restoring it, I wanted to create something truly unique for the head unit. Having wireless Android Auto capabilities was a priority, and I aimed for a touch of individuality beyond the mainstream options.

That's when I discovered OpenAuto Pro—a software that runs on a Raspberry Pi and enables wireless Android Auto functionality, with the added bonus of optional wireless Car Play. I decided to give it a try. I made modifications to the double din bezel to fit a 7-inch touchscreen and ensured a safe shutdown mechanism.

OpenAuto update:  2/28/24.  

After 2 years of no updates from Bluewave (the makers of OpenAuto Pro),  they have finally released a .1 update with some small changes. But they have decided to no longer support an update script. So if you want to update your version of OAP,  you'll need to reformat your SSD and lose any custom apps, or configurations made over the years.  This is just unacceptable, so I will no longer recommend OAP to other users.  There are other options out there for projects like this.  One such free open source project that comes to mind is OpenDash.  It may not have all the refinements that OAP once offered, but it makes up for it with a community of developers, and also it can be just installed as a program and does not require a full reformat each time you want to update. 

The rest of the audio system:

I personally handcrafted custom fiberglass kickpods to house hybrid audio 6.5-inch speakers and tweeters.

Moving to the back, I created a custom fiberglass subwoofer box to accommodate two legendary Old School Image Dynamics subs. 

To power this audio setup, I opted for the old school MMATS 1400.1 amplifier, ensuring clean and robust bass delivery. For the mid/highs, I currently utilize a precision power amp, although I'm considering an upgrade since this budget-friendly option has its limitations.

If you'd like more information about my car audio setup or have any other questions, feel free to let me know!

I've also installed one of these systems in my 2004 Toyota 4Runner,  since this truck is newer I was able add more features to the system. Be sure to check it out!

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Wireless Android Auto with OpenAuto Pro-357
My custom made kickpods
Wireless Android Auto with OpenAuto Pro-356
My custom made subwoofer box
Wireless Android Auto with OpenAuto Pro-355
7 inch touchscreen in stock location
Wireless Android Auto with OpenAuto Pro-379
Wireless Android Auto with OpenAuto Pro-380
Open Auto Pro, wireless Android Auto

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