Cruise Puyallup - October 14, 2023

Presenting the grand finale of Cruise Puyallup 2023! Despite less-than-ideal weather, we had a fantastic turnout. Check out the videos I've captured for you.

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Part 1: The Prelude 

These are videos I captured before the official start, giving you a peek into the event's early vibe.

Part 2: Embracing the Rain

Discover how these car owners boldly defy the weather to proudly display their incredible rides. The rain may pour, but it won't dampen our spirits. Join us for this extraordinary chapter of the event!


Part 3: Twilight's Approach

The night is drawing near, but the full darkness hasn't taken over, and that hasn't stopped our cruisers from staying out.

Part 4: Shining Under the Night Sky!

The final video from the final cruise of the year,  see you all next year. 

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Cruise Puyallup - October 14, 2023-556
Thank You Chris Yetter for taking this photo
Cruise Puyallup - October 14, 2023-558
Thank You M. Hinkle Photography
Cruise Puyallup - October 14, 2023-559
Thank you Brody Gildea
Cruise Puyallup - October 14, 2023-568
Thank you Laura Shinn